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Name  Size  Type
Agenda May08.doc (61KB) Agenda May08.doc 61KB Word
Agenda June08.doc (64.5KB) Agenda June08.doc 64.5KB Word
Agenda July08.doc (57.5KB) Agenda July08.doc 57.5KB Word
Agenda Aug08.doc (60KB) Agenda Aug08.doc 60KB Word
Agenda Sept08.doc (62.5KB) Agenda Sept08.doc 62.5KB Word
Agenda Oct08.doc (66.5KB) Agenda Oct08.doc 66.5KB Word
Agenda Feb09.doc (84KB) Agenda Feb09.doc 84KB Word
Agenda March09.doc (92KB) Agenda March09.doc 92KB Word
Agenda April09.doc (101.5KB) Agenda April09.doc 101.5KB Word
Agenda June09.doc (104.5KB) Agenda June09.doc 104.5KB Word
Agenda July09.doc (104.5KB) Agenda July09.doc 104.5KB Word
Agenda May09.doc (100KB) Agenda May09.doc 100KB Word
Agenda Jan09.doc (68.5KB) Agenda Jan09.doc 68.5KB Word
Agenda Aug09.doc (101KB) Agenda Aug09.doc 101KB Word
Agenda Sept09.doc (106.5KB) Agenda Sept09.doc 106.5KB Word
Agenda Oct09.doc (108KB) Agenda Oct09.doc 108KB Word
Agenda Nov09.doc (63.5KB) Agenda Nov09.doc 63.5KB Word
Agenda De09.doc (68.5KB) Agenda De09.doc 68.5KB Word
Agenda Jan10.doc (67KB) Agenda Jan10.doc 67KB Word
Agenda Feb10.doc (70KB) Agenda Feb10.doc 70KB Word
Agenda March10.doc (68.5KB) Agenda March10.doc 68.5KB Word
Agenda April10.doc (69.5KB) Agenda April10.doc 69.5KB Word
Agenda June10.doc (71KB) Agenda June10.doc 71KB Word
Agenda May10.doc (69KB) Agenda May10.doc 69KB Word
Agenda July10.doc (71KB) Agenda July10.doc 71KB Word
Agenda August10.doc (71.5KB) Agenda August10.doc 71.5KB Word
Agenda September10.doc (69.5KB) Agenda September10.doc 69.5KB Word
Agenda October10.doc (70.5KB) Agenda October10.doc 70.5KB Word
Agenda November10.doc (69.5KB) Agenda November10.doc 69.5KB Word
Agenda December10.doc (76KB) Agenda December10.doc 76KB Word
Agenda January11.doc (72KB) Agenda January11.doc 72KB Word
Agenda February11.doc (70.5KB) Agenda February11.doc 70.5KB Word
Agenda March11.doc (69KB) Agenda March11.doc 69KB Word
Agenda July11.doc (75.5KB) Agenda July11.doc 75.5KB Word
Agenda August11vtm1.doc (78.5KB) Agenda August11vtm1.doc 78.5KB Word
Agenda September11.doc (86KB) Agenda September11.doc 86KB Word
Agenda October11.doc (82KB) Agenda October11.doc 82KB Word
Agenda April11.doc (73KB) Agenda April11.doc 73KB Word
Agenda November11.doc (50KB) Agenda November11.doc 50KB Word
Agenda June11.doc (78.5KB) Agenda June11.doc 78.5KB Word
Agenda May11.doc (67.5KB) Agenda May11.doc 67.5KB Word
Agenda December11.doc (41.5KB) Agenda December11.doc 41.5KB Word
Agenda Jan 2012.doc (47KB) Agenda Jan 2012.doc 47KB Word
Agenda Feb 2012.doc (47.5KB) Agenda Feb 2012.doc 47.5KB Word
Agenda March 2012.doc (43.5KB) Agenda March 2012.doc 43.5KB Word
Agenda April 2012.doc (46KB) Agenda April 2012.doc 46KB Word
Agenda May 2012 v1.doc (47.5KB) Agenda May 2012 v1.doc 47.5KB Word
Agenda June 2012 FINAL.doc (47.5KB) Agenda June 2012 FINAL.doc 47.5KB Word
Final Agenda July 2012.doc (47.5KB) Final Agenda July 2012.doc 47.5KB Word
Agenda August 2012 final.doc (47.5KB) Agenda August 2012 final.doc 47.5KB Word
Agenda September 2012 final.doc (47.5KB) Agenda September 2012 final.doc 47.5KB Word
Agenda October 2012 Final.doc (48KB) Agenda October 2012 Final.doc 48KB Word
Agenda November 2012 final.doc (49.5KB) Agenda November 2012 final.doc 49.5KB Word
Agenda December 2012 final version.doc (53.5KB) Agenda December 2012 final version.doc 53.5KB Word
Agenda January 2013 final.doc (47.5KB) Agenda January 2013 final.doc 47.5KB Word
Agenda February 2013 final.doc (51.5KB) Agenda February 2013 final.doc 51.5KB Word
Agenda March 2013 final.doc (53.5KB) Agenda March 2013 final.doc 53.5KB Word
Agenda April 2013 final.doc (60.5KB) Agenda April 2013 final.doc 60.5KB Word
Agenda May 2013 final.doc (62KB) Agenda May 2013 final.doc 62KB Word
Agenda June 2013 final.doc (74.5KB) Agenda June 2013 final.doc 74.5KB Word
Agenda August 2013 final.docx (31.2KB) Agenda August 2013 final.docx 31.2KB
Agenda Sept 2013 Final.docx (30.7KB) Agenda Sept 2013 Final.docx 30.7KB
Agenda Oct 2013 final.docx (26.7KB) Agenda Oct 2013 final.docx 26.7KB
Agenda November 2013 final.docx (21.1KB) Agenda November 2013 final.docx 21.1KB
Agenda January 2014 final.docx (20.2KB) Agenda January 2014 final.docx 20.2KB
Agenda december 2013 final.docx (19.7KB) Agenda december 2013 final.docx 19.7KB
Agenda February 2014 Final.docx (22KB) Agenda February 2014 Final.docx 22KB
Agenda April 2014 final.docx (20.7KB) Agenda April 2014 final.docx 20.7KB
Agenda March 2014 final.docx (21.3KB) Agenda March 2014 final.docx 21.3KB
Agenda May 2014 final.docx (25.9KB) Agenda May 2014 final.docx 25.9KB
Agenda June 2014 final.docx (27.6KB) Agenda June 2014 final.docx 27.6KB
Agenda July 2014 final.docx (292.9KB) Agenda July 2014 final.docx 292.9KB
Agenda September 2014 final.docx (26.1KB) Agenda September 2014 final.docx 26.1KB
Agenda October2014 Final  .docx (26.5KB) Agenda October2014 Final .docx 26.5KB
November 2014 Final Agenda .docx (26.6KB) November 2014 Final Agenda .docx 26.6KB
December 2014 Agenda.docx (26KB) December 2014 Agenda.docx 26KB
20th January 2015 Agenda.docx (31.7KB) 20th January 2015 Agenda.docx 31.7KB
FINAL Agenda 17th February 2015.docx (29.2KB) FINAL Agenda 17th February 2015.docx 29.2KB
Agenda 17 March 2015.docx (27KB) Agenda 17 March 2015.docx 27KB
Agenda 21st April 2015.docx (27.4KB) Agenda 21st April 2015.docx 27.4KB
Agenda 19 may 2015.docx (30.5KB) Agenda 19 may 2015.docx 30.5KB
Agenda July 2015.docx (28KB) Agenda July 2015.docx 28KB
Agenda 18th August 2015.docx (27.9KB) Agenda 18th August 2015.docx 27.9KB
Agenda Sept 2015.docx (30.1KB) Agenda Sept 2015.docx 30.1KB
Agenda 20th October2015.docx (33.3KB) Agenda 20th October2015.docx 33.3KB
Agenda Special Meeting 10 Nov 2015.docx (23.9KB) Agenda Special Meeting 10 Nov 2015.docx 23.9KB
Agenda 17th November 2015.docx (37.9KB) Agenda 17th November 2015.docx 37.9KB
Agenda 15th December 2015.docx (32KB) Agenda 15th December 2015.docx 32KB
Agenda 16th June 2015.docx (32.3KB) Agenda 16th June 2015.docx 32.3KB
Agenda 19th January 2016.docx (33.2KB) Agenda 19th January 2016.docx 33.2KB
Agenda 16th February 2016.docx (35KB) Agenda 16th February 2016.docx 35KB
Agenda 16th March 2016.docx (89.2KB) Agenda 16th March 2016.docx 89.2KB
Agenda 19th April 2016.docx (40.9KB) Agenda 19th April 2016.docx 40.9KB
Agenda 17th May 2016.docx (31.1KB) Agenda 17th May 2016.docx 31.1KB
Annual parish meeting agenda may 2016.docx (499.2KB) Annual parish meeting agenda may 2016.docx 499.2KB
Agenda 21 June 2016.docx (81.8KB) Agenda 21 June 2016.docx 81.8KB
Agenda 19 July 2016.docx (33KB) Agenda 19 July 2016.docx 33KB
Agenda 16th August 2016.docx (427.1KB) Agenda 16th August 2016.docx 427.1KB
Agenda 20th September 2016.docx (36.3KB) Agenda 20th September 2016.docx 36.3KB
Agenda 18th October 2016.docx (32.5KB) Agenda 18th October 2016.docx 32.5KB
Agenda 15th November 2016.docx (220.9KB) Agenda 15th November 2016.docx 220.9KB
Agenda 20th December 2016.docx (35KB) Agenda 20th December 2016.docx 35KB
Agenda 17 January 2017.docx (31.3KB) Agenda 17 January 2017.docx 31.3KB
Agenda 21 February 2017.docx (486KB) Agenda 21 February 2017.docx 486KB
Queen Charlton Village Meeting Agenda 2017.doc (25KB) Queen Charlton Village Meeting Agenda 2017.doc 25KB Word
Agenda 21st March 2017.docx (32.4KB) Agenda 21st March 2017.docx 32.4KB
Agenda 18th April 2017.docx (33.5KB) Agenda 18th April 2017.docx 33.5KB
Annual Meeting of the Parish April 2017.docx (32KB) Annual Meeting of the Parish April 2017.docx 32KB
Agenda 16 May 2017.docx (35.5KB) Agenda 16 May 2017.docx 35.5KB
Agenda 20th June 2017.docx (43.1KB) Agenda 20th June 2017.docx 43.1KB
Agenda 18th July 2017.docx (1017.4KB) Agenda 18th July 2017.docx 1017.4KB
Agenda 15th August 2017.docx (1004.4KB) Agenda 15th August 2017.docx 1004.4KB
Agenda 19th September 2017.docx (33.7KB) Agenda 19th September 2017.docx 33.7KB
Agenda 17th October 2017.docx (36.1KB) Agenda 17th October 2017.docx 36.1KB
Agenda 21st November 2017.docx (79KB) Agenda 21st November 2017.docx 79KB
Agenda 19th December 2017.docx (338KB) Agenda 19th December 2017.docx 338KB
Agenda 16th January 2018.docx (33.3KB) Agenda 16th January 2018.docx 33.3KB
Agenda 20th February 2018.docx (1.6MB) Agenda 20th February 2018.docx 1.6MB
Agenda 20th March 2018.docx (35.7KB) Agenda 20th March 2018.docx 35.7KB
Chewton Keynsham Village Meeting Agenda 2018.docx (14.4KB) Chewton Keynsham Village Meeting Agenda 2018.docx 14.4KB
Compton Dando Village Meeting Agenda 2018.docx (14.6KB) Compton Dando Village Meeting Agenda 2018.docx 14.6KB
Queen Charlton Village Meeting Agenda 2018.docx (14.3KB) Queen Charlton Village Meeting Agenda 2018.docx 14.3KB
Woollard Village Meeting Agenda 2018.docx (14.3KB) Woollard Village Meeting Agenda 2018.docx 14.3KB
Burnett Village Meeting Agenda 2018.docx (15.8KB) Burnett Village Meeting Agenda 2018.docx 15.8KB
Agenda 17th April 2018.docx (42.5KB) Agenda 17th April 2018.docx 42.5KB
Agenda 15th May 2018.docx (195.2KB) Agenda 15th May 2018.docx 195.2KB
Agenda 19th June 2018.docx (270.1KB) Agenda 19th June 2018.docx 270.1KB
Agenda 17th July 2018.docx (30.9KB) Agenda 17th July 2018.docx 30.9KB
Agenda 21st August 2018.docx (37.4KB) Agenda 21st August 2018.docx 37.4KB
Agenda 18th September 2018.docx (32.2KB) Agenda 18th September 2018.docx 32.2KB
Agenda 20th November 2018.docx (45.7KB) Agenda 20th November 2018.docx 45.7KB
Agenda 18th December 2018.docx (35.9KB) Agenda 18th December 2018.docx 35.9KB