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All Meeting Minutes, Agendas and Reports from Committees are now posted online. You can view the documents using this website. All documents on this site are available as Adobe PDF Documents. Please click on your required document below. These can be printed for reference, but cannot be altered, and are published in accordance with Crown Copyright regulations.
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Annual Meeting of the Parish Minutes (505.2KB) Annual Meeting of the Parish Minutes 505.2KB Folder
Sole Trustee Minutes (780.6KB) Sole Trustee Minutes 780.6KB Folder
Annual Parish Council Meetings (471.6KB) Annual Parish Council Meetings 471.6KB Folder
Village Agents approved.doc (38KB) Village Agents approved.doc 38KB Word
Minutes 19th September 2017.docx (103.2KB) Minutes 19th September 2017.docx 103.2KB
Minutes 17th October 2017.docx (107.8KB) Minutes 17th October 2017.docx 107.8KB
Minutes 19th December 2017.pdf (937.4KB) Minutes 19th December 2017.pdf 937.4KB PDF
Minutes 21st November 2017.pdf (924.4KB) Minutes 21st November 2017.pdf 924.4KB PDF
Minutes 16th January 2018.pdf (334.9KB) Minutes 16th January 2018.pdf 334.9KB PDF
Minutes 20th February 2018.pdf (1.2MB) Minutes 20th February 2018.pdf 1.2MB PDF
Draft Minutes 20th March 2018v2.docx (199.9KB) Draft Minutes 20th March 2018v2.docx 199.9KB
Minutes March 2018_000243.pdf (4.7MB) Minutes March 2018_000243.pdf 4.7MB PDF